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By:  Brian McMorris Futura Automation President    June 19, 2023 Futura Automation announces North American partnership with Garmo Instruments of Spain Futura Automation is pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Garmo Instruments of Zaragosa, Spain. This new line brings to our North American customers an economical range of laser seam tracking vision sensors for […]

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By:  Brian McMorris – President    March 26, 2023 Futura Automation, LLC ( provides a range of robotic, automation and motion-controlled solutions. This week’s newsletter from Futura Automation explains the benefits of Cartesian robots, especially those supplied by Macron Dynamics, Inc., as compared to the other major industrial robot topologies: #Articulated, Delta and SCARA. This article will […]

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Futura Automation presents Food Processing Solutions
This week's Simple Solutions features Precision Food Positioning and Cutting Solutions Robots reach for food processing Article courtesy of Food Engineering Magazine By Kristen Kazarian Due to variables in the food industry, such as product size and shape, the final frontier in robotics is food processing. The processing of food at high volumes has traditionally [...] Read more
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FANUC Palletizing up to 1000 bags per hour with a FANUC robot M-710iC/70 More info ReeR Safety Light Curtains for Industrial Applications Safety Light curtains are electro sensitive devices using one or more light beams, emitted by an Emitter and received by a Receiver, to create an intangible controlled area. More info onRobot Flexible Packaging [...] Read more
Futura Automation - Flexible Tooling Table Abstract
This week's Simple Solutions features Universal Holding Fixtures and Curved Sheet Handling Systems This week's Simple Solutions features Universal Holding Fixtures Article: Universal Holding Fixture Courtesy of Canadian Metalworking Publishing Whenever a workpiece changeover takes place, the universal device is adjusted to the new component by the repositioning of its supporting and clamping elements, making [...] Read more
Futura Automation features 3D Inline Inspection Systems
This week's Simple Solutions features 3D Inline Inspection Systems Inline 3D Robotic Part Inspection All production industries have enemies within, and the injection molding industry is no stranger to that fact. Companies who produce tens of thousands of parts a week that end up on a vehicle production line are strictly gauged on part quality. [...] Read more
Futura Automation featuring COGNEX 3D-L4000 3D Vision Systems
COGNEX IN-SIGHT 3D-L4000 All-in-one vision system solves 3D applications as easily as 2D vision Innovative system brings the power of 3D inspections to In-Sight The In-Sight 3D-L4000 is a breakthrough in three-dimensional (3D) vision technology. This unique vision system combines 3D laser displacement technology with a smart camera allowing factory engineers to quickly, accurately, and [...] Read more
Futura Automation - Flexible Feed System Graphic
This week's Simple Solutions features Flexible Feed Automation Systems Why Use a Flexible Feeder? Flexible feeding is the logical alternative to belt, bin or bowl feeding for automated assembly or packaging. Belt feeding utilizes a motorized conveyor belt to move product through a packing cell. The product can be on the belt in any orientation, its [...] Read more
Futura Automation - Lathe Machine Tending Graphic
This week's Simple Solutions features Lathe Machine Automation Article: Six Ways Robotic Automation Benefits CNC Shops… and Their Clients by Peter Jacobs To streamline the CNC machining process and increase efficiency, companies are increasingly implementing robotic automation in support of various types of CNC machines, such as Lathe, Milling, and Plasma Cutting machines. Incorporating robotic automation [...] Read more