Futura Automation - Flexible Tooling Table Abstract

This week’s Simple Solutions features

Universal Holding Fixtures and Curved Sheet Handling Systems

Futura Automation - Curved Sheet Handling Systems

This week’s Simple Solutions features Universal Holding Fixtures

Article: Universal Holding Fixture
Courtesy of Canadian Metalworking Publishing

Whenever a workpiece changeover takes place, the universal device is adjusted to the new component by the repositioning of its supporting and clamping elements, making it suitable for the manufacture of free-form components, which often involve workpiece-configured jigs and fixtures that are arranged exclusively for specific workpiece geometry.

Advantages of Universal Holding Fixtures

Futura Automation - Benefits of Universal Handling Fixtures

Featured partners for UHFs and Curved Sheet Handling Systems

Titan Conveyors

Built to last: Industrial Conveyer Solutions

Titan conveyors have been performing in the most demanding environments for more than 30 years. We have the engineering experience and field experience in hundreds of industries and nearly every imaginable application, so you can be confident your equipment will perform.


Linear Actuators and Cartesian robots

Did you know that MACRON offers customizable solutions? The linked video feaatures a custom Macron Dynamics project using two curved actuators with 150 degrees of rotation plus intermittent stop control.


Autonomous Mobile Robots

OTTO Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) automate common material handling tasks, big and small, to help manufacturers tackle labor shortages, scale their business, and outperform the competition.

Futura Automation Feature: Flexible Tooling Table Abstract

Elliot Automation and Newell Corp present The Flexible Tooling Table

The Flexible Tooling Table developed by Newell Corporation and Elliot Integration is offered to market exclusively by Futura Automation and intended as a low-cost solution for multi-purpose CNC and Robotic machining, cutting and assembly operations for simple and complex contoured parts. A Flex Tool table consists of a set of linear actuators that have end effectors composed of a rubber suction cup surrounding a metal datum surface. The end effector can tilt up to…continue reading

Futura Automation - Flexible Tooling Table Abstract
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