Month: June 2022

Futura Automation - Lathe Machine Tending Graphic
This week's Simple Solutions features Lathe Machine Automation Article: Six Ways Robotic Automation Benefits CNC Shops… and Their Clients by Peter Jacobs To streamline the CNC machining process and increase efficiency, companies are increasingly implementing robotic automation in support of various types of CNC machines, such as Lathe, Milling, and Plasma Cutting machines. Incorporating robotic automation [...] Read more
Injection Molding Automation graphic -Futura Automation
This week's Simple Solutions features Injection Molding Automation   Featured Article: How to Plan and Implement Automation in an Injection Molding Plant By Steve Williams and Rich LaChance Just like in any industry, the plastics world is continuously changing and growing. Often, this means companies are investing in automation to improve productivity and increase capacity and [...] Read more
Packaging Delicate Herbs at Rosborg Greenhouse, Denmark OnRobot: Flexible Packaging Line Case Study It takes great finesse to cultivate and deliver delicious, fresh herbs. It takes intelligent automation to ensure that production is efficient, competitive, and creates a good work environment. That is why Denmark’s largest producer of herbs and mini plants, Rosborg Food Holding, [...] Read more
Boosting Productivity and Reducing Cycle Time with VGC10 Gripper Australia-based Designed Mouldings is an injection moulding specialist, producing plastic caps and seals for customers in the packaging industry. The Challenge The Covid-19 pandemic led to border closures, causing disruptions to global supply chains. Companies in Australia turned to local manufacturers like Designed Mouldings for their [...] Read more