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Smart Workstations from Bosch and Tulip
FUTURA AUTOMATION | The Smart Workstation from Bosch and Tulip GET IN TOUCH Meet the Workstation of the future: Bosch and Tulip present the Smart Workstation. The product is the result of a collaboration between the two companies, combining Bosch's manual production system with Tulip’s Manufacturing App Platform. You can build and customize your own [...] Read more

Which robot is appropriate for loading and unloading machines is especially pertinent with injection molding and die-casting machines with their high cycle rates.  Scott Kendrick, Engineering Manager of Sepro America, published an article in “Plastics Today” magazine on April 23, 2014 that is still definitive today.  We reprint it here: ROBOTS FOR INJECTION MOLDERS The […]

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Automated Assembly
FUTURA AUTOMATION | Automated Assembly and Lean Manufacturing Automated Assembly: This month we are featuring products from our partners utilized to create automated assembly solutions: Glide-Line, Visumatic, Robot System Products (RSP), and OnRobot. Check out our pallet conveyor partner, Glide-Line, for automated assembly applications. See the video below for the Glide-Line Pallet Assembly Line. This is [...] Read more
CiRo Tool
Futura Automation: Advanced Manufacturing and Machine Tending Advanced Manufacturing & Machine tending "Machine tending" is the process of automating the loading and unloading of industrial machine tools in a manufacturing plant, primarily using robot automation systems. While loading and unloading is the primary function of machine tending systems, the robot will often perform other valuable functions within the automation process.  This might include part [...] Read more

Amazing to say that we are on the doorstep of autonomous electric trucks.  This is the next great wave in transportation.  Many experts five years ago thought it would be 2030 or 2040 before this day arrived.  Now just a few short years later, it looks like we will have commercial autonomous trucks and then […]

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ReeR Safety Light Curtain
ReeR Products: Technological excellence and application know-how embody the spirit of ReeR Futura Automation is an authorized Rep for REER - get in touch for technical specs on any of the products you see listed here and ask about current promotions on offer Safety and Automation If safety in the workplace is essential, it becomes [...] Read more
Machine Safety
Safety System Products: Making increasingly complex world of machine safety technology simpler for customers Futura Automation is an authorized Rep for Safety Systems Products get in touch for technical specs on any of the products you see listed here and ask about current promotions on offer Safety Enclosures flexible, robust and easy expandable aluminium-profil technology We [...] Read more

In this issue: Last month we looked at the rise of the robot artisan baker: this month we turn to Macron Dynamics and engineered products for specific automation applications Featured Videos Cartesian Gantry Robots Long Travel Linear Actuators The Servotronix softMC The World’s Biggest Robot Read More Custom designed robots & automation systems Macron Dynamics components can be […]

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