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“Autonomous Welding” is the use of robots and AI software to track a pre-programmed welding task and make adjustments to that program dynamically as conditions change. While automobiles require welding of the chassis and body parts, the volumes of a given model produced are very high and so the parts requiring welding can be precisely […]

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Ready Robotics featured on
Advances in Usability features Ready Robotics and other Automation Solutions: POSTED 05/13/2022 | By: Emmet Cole, Contributing Editor - click here for original article  Robotmaster enables process experts to program with confidence via intuitive visualizations that guide the user to generate optimized and error-free robot programs. One of the most powerful trends in industrial robotics over the [...] Read more
Futura Automation - Assembly Systems graphic
This week's Simple Solutions features Automated Assembly Systems Assembly involves the joining together of two or more separate parts to form a new entity which may be an assembly or subassembly. Automated assembly refers to the use of mechanized and automated devices (conveying, fixturing, part feeding, pressing, soldering, plastic welding,  dispensing, screwing, riveting, inspection and product ID) [...] Read more
Futura Automation: Automatic Cobot Labeling
Cobot Labeling Systems: Solutions & Partners ZEBRA Technologies In our guide Seven Things to Consider When Buying an Industrial Barcode Printer, you’ll learn: What questions you absolutely need to ask before selecting an industrial printer Seven traits not to overlook when evaluating your options Why the brand of your printer really matters Whether you’re making [...] Read more
Mill Tending
Mill Machine Tending Innovative Solutions for less than $10/hour Futura Automation Futura Automation is proud to present Simple Solutions for Machine Tending that cost less than $10/hr when operated 16 hours per day. Don't wait to innovate, contact F-A!   Discuss your goals with our experts How does Machine Tending make a difference? Benefits and [...] Read more

Elliot Integration L.L.C –  Federal Way, WA Waterjet pumps for cutting tools are widely used through industry and intensifier style pumps are the most popular variety.  The intensifiers are designed to be easily rebuilt. Also, the hydraulic pumps and motor are long lasting and relatively easier to repair.  However, the aging controls have become […]

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MPN Article 2019 Post
Reece Armstrong looks at how medical manufacturing has reacted to Industry 4.0 and where the sector sees robots and automation having the most impact. The factory of the future is a term that has been thrown around for a number of years now but what does it mean? We entered the fourth age of the [...] Read more