Elliot Integration L.L.C –  Federal Way, WA


Waterjet pumps for cutting tools are widely used through industry and intensifier style pumps are the most popular variety.  The intensifiers are designed to be easily rebuilt. Also, the hydraulic pumps and motor are long lasting and relatively easier to repair.  However, the aging controls have become a problem. 

Old Control System

In response to a customer in the Midwest, Elliot Integration, LLC has developed a control system based on the Weintek cMT Series displays with Codesys and Weintek I/O.  The control is compact, and the larger color display is more readable.  The new control system also offers alarm and data logging.  The product is targeted for customers that would like to rebuild old units and designed to be configurable with trouble shooting features that make it unnecessary to use the development package for setup, commissioning, and debug.  

                                                              Configuration on Unit #1

 First Unit being Tested

                                                                Configuration with Analog Press Control and Analog Inlet Filter Sensors

The units have hardwired interfaces for remote operation for legacy controls.  OPC UA, MODBUS TCP Slave and Ethernet IP Adapter interfaces are also available for remote control and monitoring.