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Brian McMorris is the founder and President of Futura Automation.  Mr McMorris is committed to Factory Automation and Robotics through a 40 year career.  He did undergraduate engineering work at Oregon State University and received a BSBA, Cum Laude, in Marketing and Finance from Arizona State University.  Mr. McMorris has automation manufacturing experience in a wide array of industries: building materials, electronics, food processing, machining, medical device, packaging machinery, semicon and wood products.   

His expertise is in technical sales, support and project management of industrial automation: sensing, measurement and control, industrial robotics and AGVs / AGCs through management roles with Westinghouse, Omron/STI, SICK, Panasonic and Omron/Adept.  Brian served on technical committees for ANSI (American National Standards Institute), the Robotics Industry Association (RIA) and NIST.

Mr McMorris set the mission for Futura Automation to help make American manufacturers globally competitive through the application of robotics and advanced automation using lean production processes.

tel: (612) 756-2390
email: brian(at)futura-automation.com


George Wilken is a 30 year+ veteran of manufacturing and machining, primarily in the aerospace industry in southern California.  He is motivated and engaged in creating and driving change, leveraging lean consulting experience, manufacturing depth and knowledge to solve problems with a well defined business case.  George graduated from the University of Phoenix with a BSIT, in Information Technology and Project Management.

George’s expertise includes developing machine learning algorithms to detect patterns to solve manufacturing and quality issues to root cause.  He has professional expertise in Process Control Systems, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Tooling Management Systems, CNC Machines (programming and maintenance), Industrial Automation (Robotic and non), Industrial Networks, CCTV and Access Control Hardware and implementation, Project Management and Implementation at Alcoa Aluminum and its aerospace fastener spinoff Arconic where George became a corporate manufacturing trouble-shooter, spending time at various plants around North America evaluating manufacturing issues and finding solutions.

tel: (714)-309-2810
email: george(at)futura-automation.com

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Lizbeth Flores is an experienced leader collaborating with people from America, Europe and Asia. She has experience planning and executing global sales strategies building effective teams achieving double digit growth year over year in the Automation and Robotics market. She held various leadership roles in Sales management positions; In her most recent role, Lizbeth drove the Robots and Applications Sales in the Americas region supporting  the countries working with local organizations and global business lines to continuously improve sales processes, sharing best practices and successfully building pipeline with hit rates that supports defined growth targets.

Currently she is responsible for development and implementation of high impact strategic initiatives to increase market share working as a Consulting Partner for Futura Automation.

Lizbeth holds a bachelor’s degree in computer systems with specialization on Robotics and Artificial Neuronal Networks from Instituto Politecnico Nacional, Mexico.

In her own words: “The digital transformation of the manufacturing industry in a changing world opens the possibilities to create a space where the automation is at service for the people”.

tel: +52 442 159 0650
email: lizbeth(at)futura-automation.com

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Pat Farrell, originally from Michigan and now in Park City, UT, has a wide range of mechanical and controls engineering experience through his career.  Pat attended University of Michigan receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree, Engineering Science – College of Engineering.  He has worked for Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley), owned his own business, Perfect Conveyor, designing and manufacturing unique conveyor systems for SunSource and MSI Tec and as a Automation Support Specialist for Pro Automation in Utah and Colorado.  Pat currently operates an engineering LLC, AutoByte, as a partner at Futura Automation.

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tel: (435) 776-6070
email: pat(at)futura-automation.com


Mr. Adam Hendey is a resident of Marion, Indiana and has completed MET and EET course work at Purdue University and Ivy Tech Community College for Software Development.  Mr Hendey is also a graduate of IU University in Nursing with a BSN and 10 years of experience in the healthcare world. 

Mr. Hendey is most recently president of FLEX Robotics with a firm commitment to customer service.  He has 20 years of experience in robotics and automation and 30-year history in manufacturing and customer service.  As a systems integrator in ABB robotics at CIM Systems, Mr Hendey has experience in robotic welding, material handling, machine tending, and palletizing.  He worked as a Process engineer developing standards for lean processes for manual material handling, robotic manufacturing, and CNC applications. 

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tel: (765) 618-8298 
email: adam(at)futura-automation.com

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Futura Automation’s wood industry expert.  B.S. from Oregon State University and a Masters in Engineering from the University of Colorado with a focus in Product Development and Lean and Agile Management.  Journeyman Electrical License.  Was the Engineering Manager for Ventek/USNR (Eugene, OR) for 13 years focusing on automation and vision systems for the wood products industry.  Before that was an engineer at McDiarmid Controls (Eugene, OR) for 9 years working on automation projects for various industries including agriculture, mining, chemicals, and packaging.

tel: (541) 968-5182
email: devin(at)orelectricservice.com


Don’s passion is solving problems in the industrial automation arena, and over the course of 30+ years in the industrial hardware and software spaces, he has been successful working on multi-million dollar projects, finding bold and profitable new applications for existing methods and technologies, and maximizing resources and effectiveness in the most challenging situations.

As a controls engineer, Don honed his skills for programming PLC’s and HMI’s.  Don has robot programming experience in the automotive assembly process, optimizing the work path and tooling for cycle time improvement.  Don also has experience specifying, programming, and configuring process hardware in the most challenging applications including machine vision and sensors.

Don works with our clients to understand KPI and ROI goals and can help integrate factory floor generated production data with customer ERP systems.

tel:  913-558-7718
email: don(at)futura-automation.com


Mike Oitzman graduated from UC San Diego with a Bachelor Science in Engineering, Systems and Controls and received an MBA  from Golden Gate University.  Today, Mike is the founder and editor of  the “The Mobile Robot Guide”. The “Mobile Robot Guide” was founded in 2018 to deliver best practices, market insights and strategic guidance to autonomous mobile robot buyers and end users. The goal of the publication is to help buyers make informed choices in their industrial automation and service robotics purchases.

Mr Oitzman joined the Futura Automation team as our expert and primary consultant on autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) for advanced manufacturing.  For over 25 years, Mike has passionately pursued a career in both inbound and outbound product marketing, working for market leading companies such as Adept Technology, Remedy/BMC Software and Hewlett Packard.

Mike spent 15 years at Adept Technology, where he managed the Adept mobile robot business prior to the OMRON acquisition. It was here that he recognized the growth opportunity in the mobile robot market and the immaturity of the buying process. The Mobile Robot Guide was launched to fill the need for accurate and timely information for the target buyers in this market.

tel: 415-828-9382
email: mo(at)futura-automation.com

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Mike Lastufka, our Southeast Consulting Partner, has a focus on helping clients achieve Industry 4.0 with hardware and software solutions.  He is experienced with Fortune 500 Global packaging clients and is a professional with academic training at Western Kentucky University in Mathematics / practical engineering, Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Engineering.  Mike has a demonstrated history of working in the industrial automation industry.  He is skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Sales Management, Manufacturing, hand Lean Manufacturing. Automation and robotics professional with association participation  in SAE and Professional Packaging Engineers.

Mr. Lastufka has 30+ years of managing team efforts in design, fabrication and implementing automated packaging solutions consisting of basic “hard automation” up to current collaborative coordinated motion systems with SCARA, Delta, Cartesian, multi axis arm robotics, and AMR mobile.

Mike has a focus on helping clients achieve Industry 4.0 with hardware and software solutions.  This can include MES systems like our own Tulip Interfaces solutions as well as CMMS.  Upgrading existing equipment/systems with a vanguard in controls, sensors and communication to provide our customers with “LEAN” manufacturing, packaging and maintenance, especially for “End of Line” applications like palletizing, strapping and wrapping.  Mike is an experienced global automation/robotics/packaging professional providing the knowledge of well over 1000 successfully implemented solutions to meet our customers urgent needs.

tel: (678) 907-3500
email: mike(at)futura-automation.com

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Scott Burgett is our Northwest Services Partner with an engineering and system integration focus (has a personal business, Elliot Integration and MTS Controls since 1997).  Scott graduated in 1983 from General Motors Institute, Flint, MI with a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering.  He achieved his Masters degree from Oakland University, Rochester, MI, M.S. Systems Engineering (Electrical and Controls) in 1987 and a Ph.D. in Systems Engineering (Image Processing and Robotics) in 1991 from Oakland University, Rochester, MI.

Mr. Burgett is a licensed electrical contractor (MTS-Services) in Washington state since 2008.  He has extensive experience developing OEM products including robotic paint automation, robotic prep/sanding automation, robotic sealer application, industrial bridge cranes, industrial water jet cutting equipment, mobile engine powered articulated lifts/cranes, mobile engine powered high-pressure washers and VFD 18-pulse rectifiers.  Mr. Burgett has 30+ years of experience managing all phases of technical projects involving robotic automation, conveyors/material handling, electrical power distribution, manufacturing automation, process control systems, data networks and enterprise systems ranging in size for the automotive, aerospace, mining, wood/paper industries, data centers and building automation.

Additional skills include:  Proficiency with scheduling/resource management tools, quality management tools and office software tools.

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tel: 248-462-5608
email: scott(at)futura-automation.com

Jordan Radley 1

Jordan Radley is a multi-talented automation consultant and diligent entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the industrial instrumentation & process control industry.  He graduated from Perry Technical Institute’s instrumentation & automation program with honors and has continued his education through regular factory training & work experience .

With a background of 15+ years in sales & customer service and by understanding the great potential additive manufacturing brings to the industrial sector, Jordan has helped create QuikJig, the additive manufacturing division of Futura Automation that utilizes cutting edge 3D printing technology.   Jordan consolidated a network of engineering & manufacturing service providers to offer full-service custom manufacturing solutions for a multitude of industries across the Pacific Northwest and beyond.  Mr.Radley brings his combined business experience and eager can-do attitude to Futura Automation and QuickJig to offer solutions of the future for customer’s present applications.

tel:  509-868-9248
email: jordan(at)futura-automation.com

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Josh Haag is Futura Automation’s manager for Robot System Product’s (RSP) line of robotic peripheral equipment and OMiL machine vises and grippers to the North American market.  Josh graduated in Manufacturing Engineering from Miami University.  His career spans automotive manufacturing engineering positions, including as site manager responsible for development of “greenfield” sites, with Ford, Visteon, Valeo, Superior Wheel, Modine Manufacturing and Essential Robot Products over the past 20+ years.

Through Josh Haag, Futura Automation represents RSP’s advanced line of Tool Changers, Swivels (Rotary Unions), Swivel Tool Changers, Robotic Valve units, Dress packages and additional robotic peripherals for Spot welding, Material Handling and Automated industrial applications.

Josh is Futura Automation’s consulting partner to accounts in Ohio and Michigan and supports the Flexfactory flexible feeder line as well as Robot Protective Covers and Tulip Interface solutions.  Josh consults with Factory Automation to clients requiring his skill-set for complete factory automation and robot system development.

tel: 574-271-7895
email: josh.haag(at)robot-pros.com

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Mr. Jerry Bitler has 35+ years of experience in the PLC and motion controls industry with a most recent specialty in plastic molding and extruding processes.   PLC programming (Rockwell, Siemens, Automation Direct), motion control (Servotronix, SXTI, Galil), embedded IoT & IIoT systems including MODBUS and Weintek’s EasyBuilder and EasyAccess.

tel:  (480) 241-5117 
email: jerry(at)futura-automation.com

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Mr. Kurt Schoedel is a resident of Battle Creek, WA.  He has a B.S.E.E. from Washington State University and has 30+ years experience in PLC-based control systems for industrial automation and designs, programs, and integrates PLC-based control systems for both machine control as well as process control.  His controls experience includes Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Yokogawa, and Mitsubishi. Further he has SCADA/HMI and MQTT / OPC UA experience including Kepware.  Application experience include OEM machine building, refrigerated warehouses, general industrial applications, and semiconductors.

tel: 503-899-7038
email: kurt(at)futura-automation.com

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Mr. Wade Jensen has 20+ years of experience in the motion control, process SCADA and robotics industry to develop turn-key processes, engineering specifications & drawing packages, inspection services, industrial cyber security testing, IT consultation services, PLC and Motion programming (Rockwell, Siemens, Opto 22, B&R) turn-key embedded IoT & IIoT systems, coding in multiple high level language platforms, including Wonderware, Ignition and Labview, and custom designed data collection & analytic systems using tools such as Java, PERL, Python, Linux, C# and SQL.

Responsible for daily operations, senior management, project management, contractors, sub-contractors, proposal review, and accounting practices. Personally responsible for negotiating all contracts and resolving any project or contractual disputes, as well as any senior level systems troubleshooting services.

tel: 801-716-2273
email: wade(at)futura-automation.com


Jared graduated from Minneapolis Technical College in 2013.  He has seven years experience in front end web development and is capable in WordPress, SQL, JAVA and HTML

tel: 612-865-3183
email: jared(at)futura-automation.com

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Mr. Geldenhuis is a resident of Chandler, AZ and recently attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA in Operations Research. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University in Indiana. Mr. Geldenhuis has Manufacturing Engineering experience with S&C Electric (injection molding), Intel (Chandler AZ – Ocotillo campus), Dunn-Edwards and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

tel: (317) 809-2043
email: pj(at)futura-automation.com