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Is the founder and President of Futura Automation; is committed to Factory Automation and Robotics through a 40 year career.  Undergraduate Engineering work at Oregon State University and a BSBA in Marketing and Finance from Arizona State University.  Experienced in a wide array of industries: Electronics Mfg, Food Processing, Machining, Medical Device, Packaging Machinery, Semicon and Wood Products.   Expertise in technical sales, support and project management of industrial automation: sensing, measurement and control, industrial robotics and AGVs / AGCs through management roles with Westinghouse, Omron/STI, SICK, Panasonic and Omron/Adept.  Brian served on technical committees for ANSI (American National Standards Institute), the Robotics Industry Association (RIA) and NIST.

Mission is to make American manufacturers globally competitive through the application of robotics and advanced automation using LEAN production processes.

tel: (612) 756-2390
email: brian(at)

Motivated and engaged in creating and driving change, leveraging lean consulting experience, manufacturing depth and knowledge to solve problems with a well defined business case.  Academic background at University of Phoenix with a BSIT, in Information Technology and Project Management

Develops machine learning algorithms to detect patterns to solve manufacturing and quality issues to root. Expertise in Process Control Systems, Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS), Tooling Management Systems, CNC Machines (programming and maintenance), Industrial Automation (Robotic and non), Industrial Networks, CCTV and Access Control Hardware and implementation, Project Management and Implementation

tel: (714)-309-2810
email: george(at)

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CEO of OES Automation;   B.S. from Oregon State University and a Masters in Engineering from the University of Colorado with a focus in Product Development and Lean and Agile Management.  Journeyman Electrical License.  Was the Engineering Manager for Ventek/USNR (Eugene, OR) for 13 years focusing on automation and vision systems for the wood products industry.  Before that was an engineer at McDiarmid Controls (Eugene, OR) for 9 years working on automation projects for various industries including agriculture, mining, chemicals, and packaging.

tel: (541) 968-5182
email: devin(at)

Experienced Global packaging professional with academic training at Western Kentucky University in Mathematics / practical engineering, Industrial Mechanics and Maintenance Engineering.  Has a demonstrated history of working in the industrial automation industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Sales, Sales Management, Manufacturing, hand Lean Manufacturing. Automation and robotics professional with association participation  in SAE and Professional Packaging Engineers.

30+ years experience in improving industrial packaging applications with robotics, coordinated linear motion and hard automation. Improving the packaging process with innovation in equipment and consumables.

tel: (678) 907-3500
email: mike(at)

Adam Hendey
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Mr. Adam Hendey is a resident of Marion, Indiana and has completed MET and EET course work at Purdue University and Ivy Tech Community College for Software Development.  Mr Hendey is also a graduate of IU University in Nursing with a BSN and 10 years of experience in the healthcare world. 

Mr. Hendey is most recently president of FLEX Robotics with a firm commitment to customer service.  He has 20 years of experience in robotics and automation and 30-year history in manufacturing and customer service.  As a systems integrator in ABB robotics at CIM Systems, Mr Hendey has experience in robotic welding, material handling, machine tending, and palletizing.  He worked as a Process engineer developing standards for lean processes for manual material handling, robotic manufacturing, and CNC applications.  Click here for his profile: 

tel: (765) 618-8298 
email: adam(at)

Mr. Geldenhuis is a resident of Chandler, AZ and recently attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Cambridge, MA in Operations Research. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University in Indiana. Mr. Geldenhuis has Manufacturing Engineering experience with S&C Electric (injection molding), Intel (Chandler AZ – Ocotillo campus), Dunn-Edwards and Vertex Pharmaceuticals.

tel: (317) 809-2043
email: pj(at)

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Mr. Jerry Bitler has 35+ years of experience in the PLC and motion controls industry with a most recent specialty in plastic molding and extruding processes.   PLC programming (Rockwell, Siemens, Automation Direct), motion control (Servotronix, SXTI, Galil), embedded IoT & IIoT systems including MODBUS and Weintek’s EasyBuilder and EasyAccess.

tel:  (480) 241-5117 
email: jerry(at)

Mr. Kurt Schoedel is a resident of Battle Creek, WA.  He has a B.S.E.E. from Washington State University and has 30+ years experience in PLC-based control systems for industrial automation and designs, programs, and integrates PLC-based control systems for both machine control as well as process control.  His controls experience includes Rockwell Automation / Allen-Bradley, Siemens, Omron, Yokogawa, and Mitsubishi. Further he has SCADA/HMI and MQTT / OPC UA experience including Kepware.  Application experience include OEM machine building, refrigerated warehouses, general industrial applications, and semiconductors.

tel: 503-899-7038
email: kurt(at)


Mr. Wade Jensen has 20+ years of experience in the process SCADA and robotics industry to develop turn-key processes, engineering specifications & drawing packages, inspection services, industrial cyber security testing, IT consultation services, PLC programming (Rockwell, Siemens, Opto 22) turn-key embedded IoT & IIoT systems, coding in multiple high level language platforms, including Wonderware, Igntion and Labview, and custom designed data collection & analytic systems using tools such as Java, PERL, Python, Linux, C# and SQL.

Responsible for daily operations, senior management, project management, contractors, sub-contractors, proposal review, and accounting practices. Personally responsible for negotiating all contracts and resolving any project or contractual disputes, as well as any senior level systems troubleshooting services.

tel: 801-716-2273 
email: wade(at)

Jared graduated from Minneapolis Technical College in 2013.  He has seven years experience in front end web development and is capable in WordPress, SQL, JAVA and HTML

tel: 612-865-3183
email: jared(at)