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By:  Brian McMorris Futura Automation President    June 19, 2023 Futura Automation announces North American partnership with Garmo Instruments of Spain Futura Automation is pleased to announce our exclusive partnership with Garmo Instruments of Zaragosa, Spain. This new line brings to our North American customers an economical range of laser seam tracking vision sensors for […]

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By:  Brian McMorris – President    March 26, 2023 Futura Automation, LLC ( provides a range of robotic, automation and motion-controlled solutions. This week’s newsletter from Futura Automation explains the benefits of Cartesian robots, especially those supplied by Macron Dynamics, Inc., as compared to the other major industrial robot topologies: #Articulated, Delta and SCARA. This article will […]

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Injection Molding Automation graphic -Futura Automation
This week's Simple Solutions features Injection Molding Automation   Featured Article: How to Plan and Implement Automation in an Injection Molding Plant By Steve Williams and Rich LaChance Just like in any industry, the plastics world is continuously changing and growing. Often, this means companies are investing in automation to improve productivity and increase capacity and [...] Read more

Application: MacBuilt X / Y Dual Systems Industry: Material Handling & Packaging Automation Background: Faced with a legacy system and in search of an automated solution to increase productivity and decrease or eliminate the liability of safety hazards associated with manually operated manufacturing machines for one of their plywood manufacturing clients, OES Automation, a partner company for Futura […]

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Futura Automation will present a new webinar during its Summer Webinar series on July 7 and 9, 2020.  The topic is “Glide-Line: Easy, Fast, Flexible for Modular Precision Automation Solutions”.  The following topics will be covered.  Register here for the event: General overview of the available tools available for system design Presentation on IMPACT! designer […]

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Futura Automation is pleased to preview its exhibit #4481 for ATX West / MD&M 2020 in Anaheim, CA on February 11-13.  Several of our manufacturing partners will exhibit with us.  We will be showcasing: Macron Dynamics offers a wide range of belt and screw drive linear actuators that can be customized into Cartesian robots of [...] Read more

December 20, 2019 – Scottsdale, Arizona Reprinted from June 21, 2016  issue of Robotics Business Review Original by Eugene DeMaitre;  Edits and Updates by Brian McMorris Following is an updated and edited reprint of an article in the June 21, 2016 issue of Robotics Business Review: ODENSE, Denmark — Industrial automation promises greater efficiency, but […]

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A Timeline History of Robotics     IN THE BEGINNING   Before 1920 In ancient times, the percursors to robots were Automata, the word which was originally an Italian renaissance term for a mechanical device, usually powered by water, windpower or clockwork.  The word Automaton was a plural version and came to mean a self-operating [...] Read more
Futura Automation - Choosing between Injection Molding Automation offerings
Which robot is appropriate for loading and unloading machines is especially pertinent with injection molding and die-casting machines with their high cycle rates.  Scott Kendrick, Engineering Manager of Sepro America, published an article in "Plastics Today" magazine on April 23, 2014 that is still definitive today.  We reprint it here: ROBOTS FOR INJECTION MOLDERS The [...] Read more