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Why Use a Flexible Feeder? Flexible feeding is the logical alternative to belt, bin or bowl feeding for automated assembly or packaging. Belt feeding utilizes a motorized conveyor belt to move product through a packing cell.  The product can be on the belt in any orientation, its position and orientation is evaluated by a machine [...] Read more
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This week's Simple Solutions features Automated Assembly Systems Assembly involves the joining together of two or more separate parts to form a new entity which may be an assembly or subassembly. Automated assembly refers to the use of mechanized and automated devices (conveying, fixturing, part feeding, pressing, soldering, plastic welding,  dispensing, screwing, riveting, inspection and product ID) [...] Read more
Breaking News! #Fanuc has greatly expanded its line of #CRX #Cobots. The same great quality and features of the #CRX10iA and long arm are now available in a 5kg as well as 20kg, 20kg long arm and 25kg format. Fanuc now has the largest payload cobots on the global market. Futura Automation, LLC can help you with your cobot application. Futura Automation [...] Read more