Secure Remote Monitoring, Alerting and Access to Robot Automation Cells for Predictive Maintenance

Summary: James Gentes – Founder and Steve Sickler – President, will lead the discussion.  As more and more North American companies turn to automation to compete, robot System Integrators and service companies are asked to do much of the day-to-day maintenance and service for their customers, especially those customers new to automation. In this webinar, we will discuss best-in-class options for remotely monitoring robot cells and successfully diagnosing problems without leaving your office.
Q&A Style Agenda:
  • Introduction of Speakers and Backgrounds
  • The Problem: Explosion of Automation Projects and the Lack of Experienced Automation Engineers
  • Prevalent Solutions and Their Shortcomings.
  • Introduction of New Technologies and Methodologies for Secure Remote Monitoring and Access.
  • Using Advanced Analytics to Pinpoint Chronic Issues and Implement Root-Cause Solutions
  • Case Study: How One SI has Changed the Game to Improve Service, Increase Customer Uptime and Decrease Costs
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