Flexible Feeders for Robot Random Part Picking

anyfeed is a range of programmable bulk parts feeders and vision-based solutions for parts of all shapes and sizes from 1 to 120 mm and is suitable for all robots and applications. All the models share the same functional principle, integrated controls with standardized communication, quick-change feed plates, an integrated bulk storage bin and a quick-empty mechanism for rapid product changeovers. You can find a detailed description of the functional principle behind anyfeed™ and the feedware™ CX vision solution specially developed by Flexfactory.

  • Innovative, highly flexible feeding technology for all robots
  • Highest availability through automatic error correction
  • Automatic part emptying by pressing a button
  • Minimal footprint – anyfeed replaces several conventional feeders
  • Extremely gentle parts handling
  • Uniform communication with all models
  • Simple service thanks to identical servo-electric drives in all models
Flex Feeder Group
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