Dear Customer and Friend

Another year is drawing to a close.  You have been our good friend or customer in the past and we hope this year has been good to you and that you will have a fantastic year in 2024.

Futura Automation, LLC has grown a bit in 2023.  It was a slower year for us like most in manufacturing, but we are always looking for new ways to benefit our manufacturing and integration customers for industrial robotics and automation.  In addition to the lines we have Represented for several years now, we added Garmo Instruments for robot and cobot arc and laser welding automation in May.  We represent Garmo in all of North America and work with robots such as Fanuc, Yaskawa and ABB, as well as cobots such as Fanuc CRX and a Universal Robots with a UR+ partnership. Garmo, in Zaragoza, Spain, adds to our destinations to visit our principals in Europe.

In October we were named the Reer Safety (Italy) manufacturer’s Rep and distribution support for their safety light curtains and Mosaic safety controllers for the Pacific Northwest and then in November we added Vibromatic for vibratory conveying for the western USA to complement our existing part feeding and automation conveying lines for automation, Flexfactory flex feeders (Switzerland) which we represent for all of North America and Apera 4D Bin Picking (Canada).  In 2020 we became North American Reps for the German / Romanian robot cover company, Robot Protection Systems or RPS.  RPS recently achieved certification as a UR+ partner

We continue with our automation conveying capabilities as manufacturer’s Rep in the western United States for Glide-Line and Gate Technologies / CDS (Italy) cam and servo indexing conveyors and dials or turntables.  We are Reps for Macron Dynamics linear belt actuators, Cartesian robots and RTUs (robot transfer units or 7th Axes).  We have represented Zero-Max servo couplings and mechanical drive devices in Arizona and New Mexico since our beginning, in 2017

At the end of 2022 we brought on Rinco Ultrasonic welding systems (Switzerland) for plastics and now, soft metal welding (copper / aluminum) in part assembly and packaging.  We have two more product lines in discussion as manufacturer Reps and hopefully can announce these additions in early 2024.

Most of all, we look forward to serving you again in 2024 with our diverse expertise in robotics and automation applications for manufacturing.  So, for our business development team: George, Michael, Don, Steve and myself, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Please share with me my favorite Christmas video: