Futura Automation Industry 4.0
Summary: George Wilken – will answer questions on the state of the art in Shopfloor Digitization, how it benefits manufacturers and how it helps achieve the efficiency promised by implementation of Industry 4.0.
Q&A Style Agenda:
  • Introduction of Speakers and Backgrounds
  • The Problem: Robotics and Automation initiatives must be matched by digitizing shopfloor practices to achieve the full benefits of production technology and fulfill the vision of Industry 4.0
  • How does Tulip Systems, as a customizable MES system, meet the requirements of Industry 4.0?
  • What are the key applications on the shopfloor that can be digitized and made more efficient?
  • How can front office ERP systems be integrated with the Tulip shopfloor MES system?
  • What technologies are available to collect data from machines and workers on the shop floor and integrate with the MES (Internet of Things)?
  • Case Studies: What are a few examples of successful digital MES implementation and what benefits have been demonstrated?
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