The Fourth Age Byron Reese

Disruptive Technology and the future of Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Brian McMorris
AI and disruptive tech
The world is rapidly changing through the broad distribution of advanced technologies such as advanced computing (including quantum computing in the not too distant future), artificial intelligence and robotics.
These are disruptive technologies affecting not just businesses, but the entire global economic and political balance of power between nations.
A recent book was written and published by Byron Reese which puts all of the past and future into perspective, “The Fourth Age”. Provided is a summary of the contents of this book – though it is even better if read or heard via Kindle.
The Fourth Age Byron Reese
As author Byron Reese describes, the world of automation will be a seismic shift for human history, on par with the invention of the wheel. As he puts it, we’ll be entering the Fourth Age.
This comes with significant concerns about how things will change for humans.
We could define all artificial intelligence (AI) as a technology that reacts to its environment or the data it receives. But not all artificial intelligence is built the same. More precisely, there is a difference between narrow AI and general AI.
General AI, also known as strong AI or artificial general intelligence (AGI). General AI is potentially more versatile, adaptable and smarter than a human being.
An AGI machine could face a completely new set of circumstances and know precisely how to respond…