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Last month we looked at the rise of the robot artisan baker: this month we turn to Macron Dynamics and engineered products for specific automation applications

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Cartesian Gantry Robots
Long Travel Linear Actuators
The Servotronix softMC
The World’s Biggest Robot

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Custom designed robots & automation systems

Macron Dynamics components can be fabricated into Cartesian gantry robots

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The world’s largest robot: 3D Entertainment Systems from Macron

Macron actuators are packaged together in Times Square, New York City for a sensational and dynamic Coca-Cola advertising display.

The showcase is 68 feet tall, 42 feet wide and features 1,760 independent linear actuators to move the same number of LED display screens – the world’s largest robot

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Long Travel Linear Actuators

These Macron Actuators travel continuously up to 500 feet, speeds up to 600 in/sec., and can accurately handle loads as high as 5,000 pounds
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Control and drive the Macron custom robot

Control and Drive the Macron custom robot with the new Servotronix Soft MC3 2-6 axis compact Robot Controller

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