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Smarter ways to Manufacture in 2019:

Tulip makes its award-winning platform available online to manufacturers of all sizes, accelerating innovation with new cloud-based plans and a 30-day free trial.

  • Empowers shop floor managers and manufacturing process engineers to build their own applications to support their own objectives; If you can think of the use-case, you can build the app.
  • Is a “zero code approach” (Powerpoint – like) for MES (Manufacturing Execution System);  Tulip offers an intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Integrates work instructions, Kaizen manufacturing techniques like Poka-Yoke, IOT and Industry 4.0 directly into shop floor applications, by consolidating sensor and machine data using “off the shelf” tools like PLCs, data acquisition systems, machine tools, molding machine controls and robot controllers;
  • Closes the Industry 4.0 data collection loop with an analytics engine for QC and predictive maintenance that can be user-configured
  • Factories that use Tulip MES tools are more efficient, workers are more productive, and make fewer mistakes. Why? Because manufacturing apps that are created by shop floor users have been designed, guided and provided with the right production information delivered at the right time.  We call it a “bottom-up” digital transformation
Whitepaper from Futura