What you (may have) missed in Anaheim, CA

Demos from the ATX West trade show earlier this month

StepSERVO Motors and Drives for EtherCAT Networks

4 axes of SS-EC StepSERVO Drives and HT-SS StepSERVO Motors being controlled by a Beckhoff controller. The four axes are daisy-chain connected back to the controller with standard Ethernet cables and demonstrate the compatibility of these drives and motors on EtherCAT networks.

StepSERVO EtherCAT Demo

StepSERVO Integrated Motors for EtherNet/IP Networks

4 axes of TSM34 StepSERVO Integrated Motors performing point-to-point positioning and sharing data with a Rockwell controller. The four integrated motors are daisy-chain connected to the CompactLogix controller. Add-On Instructions for RSLogix facilitate programming the motion and parameter updates between the PLC and the axes.

StepSERVO EtherNet/IP Demo

SV200 and StepSERVO 3-Axis Demo

This 3-axis demo highlights the power of the Q Programming motion control software from AppliedMotion Products. The two rotary servo axes are synchronized through discrete I/O handshaking and the execution of mirrored Q programs stored in on-board memory. The linear TSM23 axis indexes one of the servo motors back and forth to highlight the synchronized motion of the two servo motors.

SV200 and StepSERVO 3-Axis Demo