Illumination Technology for Machine Vision

Illumination is a crucial component in the 2D machine vision illumination and code reading industry. It is the key to having robust and well-contrasted pictures for image processing. Machine vision lighting is constructed of LEDs, optics and diffusors. It can come in several housings and sizes to suit a variety of applications and environments, such as illuminating large fields of view or shiny surfaces.

Portfolio Illumination Technology

Illumination is one of the most important components for Machine Vision. Our broad range of different illumination solutions and technologies contain bar lights, Angle Changers, ring lights, dome lights, flat dome lights, flat lights, spot lights as well as many accessories for any application. This page offers a detailed overview.


is the perfect tool for carrying out a feasibility study with Machine Vision illumination technology. It contains highly flexible products that enable you to quickly validate the required illumination. This kit is suitable for use in the lab and in production

Features at a Glance

  • Easy integration with included cables, power supply connections, and mounting brackets
  • High quality machine vision llumination equipment for testing
  • Robust case suitable for traveling
Futura Automation featuring Wenglor Solutions
Futura Automation featuring Wenglor
Futura Automation featuring Wenglor

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    Futura Automation featuring Wenglor Solutions