Lathe Machine Tending

Need to improve productivity and increase capacity, fast? Manufacturers who are positioning for growth are planning for automation. The challenge with adopting complex, custom solutions lies in the time and capital investment for custom integrations.

Futura Automation / Acieta’s FastLOAD® CX1000 and CR2000 join  your team, working side by side with the operator. Our unique model leverages a FANUC collaborative robot which does not require fencing, potentially reducing the floor space needs by nearly 80%. The operator works close, loading and unloading parts while the robot works continuously without stopping. Force sensors will stop the robot when pressure is applied, ensuring a safer application for the operator.

Both the FastLOAD CX1000 and FastLOAD CX2000 collaborative robotic cells can be quickly moved and set up at machines all around the shop in just minutes! Working safely alongside people, these collaborative robots could easily become everyone’s favorite coworker.

The FastLOAD CX1000 is equipped with a FANUC 10kg, collaborative robotic arm and the FastLOAD CX2000 is equipped with a FANUC 20kg, collaborative robotic arm. Both systems are mounted on a mobile platform that one worker can move easily and are powered from a standard 120 volt outlet. They can be outfitted with up to three modular carts to handle a wide variety of parts or allow more parts in the queue.

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